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What is auto detailing?

Auto detailing is the process of thoroughly cleaning and restoring a vehicle to its original condition, both inside and out. This includes washing, waxing, and polishing the exterior, as well as cleaning and conditioning the interior. Detailing can also involve more specialized services, such as paint correction, engine cleaning, and leather restoration. The goal of auto detailing is to keep a vehicle looking and functioning like new, while also protecting its value.

The benefits of regular auto detailing.

Regular auto detailing not only keeps your car looking brand new, but it also has many other benefits. For one, it helps to protect your vehicle from the elements, such as UV rays, dirt, and debris. This can prevent damage to the paint and other exterior components, which can be costly to repair. Additionally, detailing can help to maintain the value of your car, as a well-maintained vehicle is worth more than one that has been neglected. Finally, a clean and well-maintained car can improve your driving experience, making it more enjoyable and comfortable to drive.

The process of Arlington Auto Detailing.

Arlington Auto detailing is a thorough cleaning and restoration process that involves both the interior and exterior of a vehicle. The process typically includes washing, waxing, polishing, and buffing the exterior, as well as cleaning and conditioning the interior. Detailing can also involve more specialized services, such as paint correction, scratch removal, and engine cleaning. The goal of auto detailing is to restore the vehicle to its original condition, or even better, and to protect it from future damage.

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Frequently Asked

Where Are You Located?

We are a 100% mobile business. We come to your location, whether it be your home or your work, and service the vehicle while you are comfortable in your own environment. We mainly service the DFW Metroplex but we are willing to travel further.

Can You Restore Paint And/or Paint Damage?

Unfortunately, the only form of paint restoration or damage restoration we offer is in the form of clay barring and hand-applied waxing. This can remove only small low definition scratches.

How Can I Schedule An Appointment?

Our goal is to make this as straightforward as possible. Simply click on the “Schedule A Detail” button, and it will take you to a form to fill out and we will be in touch to schedule the appointment.

Do You Offer Wax or Buffing As A Service?

We apply all of our wax by hand and buff it by hand as well! Our wax compound also acts as a polish; however, we simply charge for a wax, as it is not a true polish.

Since we apply the wax by hand, we want to be transparent and tell you that it will not “fix” any paint. This means that if you have any deep scratches, swirls, chipped paint, oxidation, or other paint-related issues, we may not be the place for you.